Are you ready to conquer Ancient Greece? Follow in the footsteps of Alexander, Perseus, Leonidas, Achilles and other Greek heroes? Then join us in a unique adventure into the world of the Ancient Greeks. In this free browser based online game, it is your task to build up your small Polis (Greek for town) to a huge metropolis, establish a powerful army and navy and finally conquer islands far away. On your trip to glory and honor, you should also take care of the gods of the Greek Parthenon: Zeus, Hera, Athena, Hades or Poseidon. Their favor could be essential in your victory or defeat. This Wiki has been designed to aid you in the struggle to dominate the world. Within you will find everything from the game rules, how everything works and strategy guides written by experienced players. With this information you will soon be striding across the battlefield as confidently as the Heroes of the Illiad.


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